Reincarnation and Simultaneous Selves

mentalpatientThis experience of another self is available for everyone. I want to tell people that it’s possible, probable, inevitable. Look inward to find worlds waiting for you there, & it will forever change your physical reality. Visualize and meditate intending to connect with your inner consciousness so that they can show you the experience you desire. Accept any spirit guide who meets you in the non-physical realm; that personality may be familiar to you, might be an angel-looking guide, or may have form but no defining features.

Feel your way around. Even in the other realm, your feelings will tell you who someone is, what their message is, and the meaning of the symbols. Just like your sleeping dreams, many concepts are represented as symbols, so your feelings are your best shot at waking up with a message. Intellectualizing in non-physical doesn’t bode well. Have you ever tried to think, consciously analyze anything in the dream state? The intellect is reserved for physical reality, to work with the ego and your emotions.

The back story of my desire to know my reincarnation selves involves a memory of my childhood that was not my own. My grandmother called me an old soul. There are many bleed-through memories of my past and present, but the one that stood out among all the others is the woman in the mental hospital. Terrified of being locked up my whole childhood, I have never been able to get through a movie about mental illness. In fact, I grew up thinking I was crazy, questioning and analyzing. I needed to find the meaning behind this memory, in order to resolve this fear.

After months of visualizing, reading, writing about my beliefs and what I wanted in life, and developing my connection with my inner self/higher self, I went into one of my deep meditations with the intent of getting reincarnation information. I had been trying to find the sweet spot in connecting with inner consciousness, meditating over and over, when finally I had heard the unvoice of my higher self. My grandfather had been my spirit guide my whole life, so when I was visualizing he naturally came to the forefront. He introduced me to my entity. She/He/It called herself Carol, like the song. As it turns out, because I looked it up, the name Carol has historically been used for both males and females. My entity, as she called herself, is a master personality with a vast umbrella over personalities related to mine. Not only were there all my probabilities and simultaneous selves, there were my grandparents, great-grandparents, my husband (currently living), and other significant people throughout my life.

This reincarnation meditation started with me locating the platform I had created in the middle of black non-space. The black metal platform had a large wall cutting across the middle dividing the space into two. There were no outer walls, as I felt more free without them. The wall had a huge red carved double door, like the front of a grand house. I walked over to grab the huge door knob and the door pushed open with my thought. I walked to the other edge of the platform and stared into nothing. With all my other visualizations and visions, orientation and perspective were the most difficult for me to conquer. While experiencing visions, when I turned my head, the view didn’t change, or I would stand up or lay down and the image moved with me. I wanted to freely move about in the other realm, and not be so dependent on my physical senses. I didn’t know how to label it, and it was frustrating, to say the least. So, while staring at nothing, I fell off the edge of the platform into an invisible cloud of thick ether. I floated with a sensation of moving until Carol guided me toward visiting with my other selves.

When I met my other selves, I was so enthralled with just seeing them, empathically picking up on their emotions, fears, and experience. Gaining all the supportive information took more than a year just for these three selves. Cheri and Rabbi Childs I met in the experience I already described. Anne came a couple of months later.

The young adult Caucasian female was sitting in a large day room of a sanitarium/mental hospital. She was wearing a light cotton gown, in her late twenties, waiting for a nurse to finish setting up the testing machinery. Her name was Cheraldine, and was sometimes called Cheri and Cheril. She was imprisoned in the sanitarium for visions, predictions, and inner voices. Locked up by her husband, she left three children at home. The personality who is my spirit guide, and was my grandfather in my life, was Cheri’s 8 year old son. He felt powerless in helping his mother, so when my grandfather/son died in 1963, he opted to stay with me as my guide. Cheri’s husband is part of the personality now my husband, which is the reason why my union has lasted for 29 years.

Cheri is part of my unrecorded family history in the late 1890s. While in the sanitarium, doctors and aids using a machine with coke bottle type lenses, attempted to peer within her eyes to find the source of the visions and burnt her retinas, blinding her. She died in the hospital due to a doctor and nurse mix up over medication. Cheri struggled with unexplained visions, dreams, and inner turmoil, living in fear of her inner consciousness. She shared her torment with her family and was hospitalized because of their fear. She felt the shame of the abandonment of her children, and would never recover her life. A victim till her death at 28, she never considered that she created her reality, disabled by fear of others, the world, and of not having love.

Rabbi Childs was sitting in an outdoor stone patio outside a community center. He lived in the 1600s. Childs found security in Jewish traditions and beliefs, but also believed in the supernatural world/inner world due to his personal experience. He couldn’t find way to balance religion and inner self communication, which the religion strictly deemed evil. He struggled with his position in the community that he gained pleasure from, while secretly harboring his supernatural secrets. He subjugated part of himself in order to be what others expected of him, and denied his inner reality.

Anne was a farming widow in the English countryside, in the 1500s. Widowed when the children were age two through thirteen, she raised her children and worked her farm. She had six children, five boys and one girl. Two of her boys died, one in a farming accident, the other as an adult whilst in military service. The young men had to bring their own horses into service, so Anne had to travel far and alone with buggy and one horse in order to pick up the other horse for the farm. She didn’t bring home her son because the military burned the bodies. Dead at sixty, Anne’s struggle was her life full of hate, resentment, and longing. However, she had a drive that propelled her to run their working farm and take care of her children. She had very little love in her life, save for her children. Because of her bitterness, most of her children moved far away.

These reincarnation experiences are three of many. What I take from most of them is the struggle of living the authentic version of myself. I choose to live without fear today, because I’ve taken all experience into account, that of my own and my other selves. I’m not paying a price for their crimes or misfortunes, I’m learning more about my own fears and beliefs through their experience. While having the inner experience of meeting my selves, I felt myself in them, the whole of my consciousness. This gave me a fuller sense of who they are, and what they have in common with me. As you struggle with the definitions of time and space, you are very welcome in this forum to believe that these are past lives. I have even described them with dates of existence that I received when I struggled with the concepts of time and space. However, I now know and understand that time and space are constructs or organizational concepts our ego uses to explain and interpret physical reality. Time and space do not exist. Just like your credit score, they don’t really exist. When time and space seems to collapse and bring all experience of your own and other simultaneous selves together, full integration of your inner self is known. Now that I know and feel my multidimensional self, I interact with the physical world differently. My life is easier, and I feel the harmony in every moment. If contacting your simultaneous selves was going to give you grief, I wouldn’t even share my experience. I recommend it as a way to fully know yourself, that broader multidimensional higher self you so want to know.

-by Ruth Elan

If you have questions, directed either at myself or spirit, or you would like to request a topic, send me an email.


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